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Holistic Approach


German certified Naturopath Jennifer Eisenecker provides gentle and effective, holistic treatments, which work on your body, mind and soul. She regularly works together with conventional and alternative practitioners.

Jennifer combines solid knowledge in Western medicine, differential diagnosis (what else can it be?), and nutrition (no supplements) with ancient knowledge in medicinal plants, natural remedies as well as the spiritual aspects of pain and suffering, which is further complemented by her strong intuition and work with her hands.

How it works
<p style="text-align: justify">Holistic Approach<p style="text-align: justify">
<p style="text-align: justify"> Emotional pain and its manifestation in your body

Emotional pain and its manifestation in your body

Do you suffer from insomnia, skin, digestive, thyroid, auto-immune or neurological problems? Are experiences of the past and emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness or not feeling loved holding you back from living in joy and inner peace?

Naturopath Jennifer Eisenecker will guide you on your path back towards health and help you find inner peace through resolving the underlying emotions.
Treatment of emotions

Children & Families

Jennifer is treating children and families, mainly where a strong emotional component is present. She also works with special needs children such as those affected by autism spectrum disorder.
If one person gets better, often the entire family will benefit from better communication and relationships, less tension and arguments, often better sleep and a more harmonious family system.
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Children & Families
<p style="text-align: justify"> Experience inner peace & happiness

Experience inner peace & happiness


After the treatment, you may experience a big relief, as if a burden has been taken off you. You may feel lighter, and, after a few days or even a couple of weeks later, you may start to feel happier.

You will discover a new point of view about old problems, and the solution will appear straight in front of you.


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Are you stressed, overworked, and can't sleep?

Constant flying, back-to-back meetings, business lunches, and too much coffee or alcohol often lead to digestive issues and poor sleep.

Your performance is impacted, you start to loose your temper at home and can’t switch-off. Your responsibilities leave no energy or space left for yourself. Your blood pressure is already high and you are worried about getting a heart attack if you continue like this…

I want to sleep better
Are you stressed, overworked, and can't sleep?
"Nature is the best pharmacy"<p style="text-align: justify">

"Nature is the best pharmacy"

… said already German Naturopath Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897). You will learn how you can benefit from Mother Natur’s abundance to help you alleviate your symptoms in a gentle manner. No supplements, only natural herbs and spices!

You will be able to find all our recommended natural remedies in Singapore or common online platforms. They are non-pharmaceutical, effective and most often also very cost-efficient.


Treatments for Animals

Have you been wanting to let your animal friend enjoy a treatment by “Healing Hands”? Jennifer provides energy treatments for animals in the comfort of your home or stable so the animal won’t be stressed about travelling or being in an unfamiliar space.
Find out what a German vet and other pet owners say about the relief the animals seem to experience through her treatment.


Treatments for Animals