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3 Tips For More Self-Love

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3 Tips For More Self-Love

Are you too hard on yourself? There are many ways to practice self-love. Here some ideas: 

1. If that voice in your head tells you something nasty about yourself, try changing your perspective. What would you say to your best friend if he or she was in that situation? What do you wish someone would say to you?

2. Start doing things for yourself just because they make you happy. This is not about giving yourself permission to buy that expensive designer handbag because “you deserve it”. Paint on a canvas, take dance lessons or soak your feet in some hot ginger water… whatever it is that makes you feel good right. 

3. Don’t have time for yourself? Schedule an appointment! Even if it’s just 15 minutes per day or 30 minutes a week – you decide! Do something beautiful with that time. Leave your phone in the bag or shut if off. Read a book, look at a tree or make yourself a cup of your favourite tea!  

Remember: saying no doesn’t have to be rude or mean. The tone makes the music. 

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Eisenecker is an ex-banker, German-certified naturopath, and business owner. Knowing how limited time and mind space often are, her recommendations are practical, easy to follow, and as simple as possible. 

Jennifer’s multi-disciplinary approach involves going back to basics, looking at health from a trauma-aware perspective, and achieving health by calming down the nervous system to optimize your body’s innate ability to rebalance itself. She loves herbs and natural remedies.