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Category: Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

How to make Kombucha in the Tropics

Gut health is one of the biggest pillars of health, which is why I focus so much on it in my naturopathy practice. Currently, most people are affected by anxiety to at least some degree, and, anxiety, immune system, and gut health often go together. Drinking kombucha on a regular basis can play a big role in developing or maintaining a healthy gut, which is why I suggest it so often to my patients.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Living In (Self-) Isolation

Covid-19 has been affecting our everyday life over the past weeks and months. Many of us have been experiencing self-isolation or have a loved one who is currently going through it. Coming from a naturopath’s and psychological perspective, I am sharing some inspiration and own experimental advice on how to deal with the anxiety, poor sleep, and tension. Read more “Living In (Self-) Isolation”