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Releasing The Emotional Womb

As women, we tend to store unresolved emotions and trauma in our womb, which can have a lasting impact on how we perceive ourselves as women, spouses, lovers or mothers.
Modern psychology already suggests that trauma can be passed down through several generations. When we experience physical, emotional or sexual abuse, our identity as women is attacked and maybe even shattered. If we are not able to process and clear these emotions, they can remain in the womb, and may lead to us having negative feelings about ourselves or even physical discomfort or pain. Many of us still carry unresolved traumas within us, whether from our childhood or more recent events. Finding a safe space where you can process these emotions is important.
Jennifer and Jaslyn will be offering a joint session with the purpose of clearing energetic and emotional blockages within the womb: Jennifer will use her hands to give a mini-treatment to your lower abdominal area, which may reduce pain or discomfort. Jaslyn will be playing her Crystal Singing Bowls throughout the healing session to facilitate a relaxing and calming sound therapy during the healing session.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing all group classes until further notice. Please check Panakaya’s facebook page for more information.
“Releasing The Emotional Womb”
“Releasing The Power Within”
“Releasing The Emotional Heart”
37 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423580
Price: S$40
Feedback from one of our clients:
Women are likely to experience multiple roles, often several at the same time, different sets of responsibilities are expected. Expectations that others have of us in any one of our roles may differ from our own, and conflict with our goals as individuals. I am approaching my menopause and I want to release unresolved emotion within my womb. I am feeling the difference and it is transforming my state of mind and body since noon. Thank you Jaslyn Ng for the invitation. Can’t wait for my next one!