“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” – Hippocrates
If you don’t feel great in your body it is often worth checking with yourself if there is something not quite right in your life. Your body is very smart. Since it cannot speak to you in words it needs another way of communication. Physical symptoms are often the messages your body sends you that something is not quite right.
Sometimes you need to think and ponder what that might be. Is it your job, your relationship to your spouse or family, the image you have of yourself? Is it the food you eat, the lack of nature, the chemicals in your house? Physical symptoms can be the “symptom” of some unresolved emotions. If these deep and often old blockages receive a “crack” – imagine a crack in the asphalt through which a dandelion is about to grow – a process of physical and emotional recovery can happen. This is where deep and lasting change begins.
It is already known in modern psychology that emotional trauma manifests in the body. Jennifer’s trauma-sensitive treatments are conductive with a very gentle touch to mainly your abdomen. They can help to release old trauma – whether it is from your adult life, childhood or in some cases trauma which has been passed down from your parents. 
After the session you might feel tired, you might feel different in your body, you might feel sad and a little “unsettled”. You might even have strange or vivid dreams. All this is part of treating old trauma in a gentle manner. We will move at your own pace. The main priorities are for you to feel safe and give you back a sense of control. 
Once you feel stable and feel ready to go a little deeper, we will do a deeper treatment, based on the concepts of soma-emotional. This particular treatment will facilitate for old “stuff” to be moved from the subconscious to the conscious. Old memories might come back and you might think about people or events that happened a long time ago. You can imagine this period like spring cleaning your house and sorting out old clothes, photographs, and other items that remind you of your past.
Once you have sifted through the various aspects that make up your identity and images of yourself, you will feel lighter as if some weight or baggage has been lifted off you. This process will take at least 3-4 weeks. Often physical health issues improve, your mood starts to change and even your view on the world or your old problems might change.

Transgenerational Trauma:

Unresolved emotions or trauma often pass from one generation to the next. Typical issues would be violence, abuse, neglect, alcoholism or relationship problems.
Stop the cycle. If you solve the problem, your child won’t have to deal with it and solve it for you. Transgenerational Trauma can be prevented and resolved. Act now.