Entrepreneurs & Executives

Performing on a top level requires your best physical and emotional wellbeing. Restful sleep that allows you to jump out of bed full of energy, feeling balanced, having a sharp brain, being able to relax and detach as well as having good gut health and being free of pain are making this possible.  
My holistic approach to stress management, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog and depression includes herbs, natural remedies, vitamins, as well as specific exercises and strategies. 
After 12+ years of working in the challenging fields of business consulting, banking/finance, and real estate investments in Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Berlin, I decided to pursue my desire to practice holistic medicine. 

After earning my degree in naturopathy in Germany, I came back to Singapore to set up my practice and created my brand “Panakaya” I look at the body from a trauma-aware perspective and specialize in stress management, burnout prevention & recovery, women’s health, fertility, and mystery pain.
I follow a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and evidence-based approach to help stressed people heal naturally to experience physical and emotional health through stress management, self-confidence, trauma work, and women’s health.
I am passionate about using my own experience in the corporate world to come up with simple, yet effective solutions that actually work in your specific situation.
Back to basics is my approach instead of selling supplements. I love sharing my knowledge about herbs and natural remedies to complement conventional therapy.