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An integrated and holistic approach to physical and emotional health

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Holistic Approach

I empower stressed and tired women to experience more energy, less pain, and a more loving relationship with themselves through natural, non-invasive solutions.
I am German certified Naturopath & Doula (in training) Jennifer Eisenecker and follow an evidence-based approach to holistic health for women.
I solved my own gynae health issues and subsequently specialised in women’s health and trauma resolution. I made it my mission to support other women in their journey to reach their health goals faster.
How it works
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Panakaya Products


PANAKAYA brings together wisdom from naturopathy, medicinal plants, and aromatherapy for busy, health-conscious people. PANAKAYA products nourish you with the powerful healing properties of Mother Nature and are 100% natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free, vegan, effective, safe and suitable for tropical climate conditions. We are proud to source only premium, high frequency ingredients that convince with their smell and efficacy.
Panakaya Products
Are you feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed?

Are you feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed?

Managing expectations and juggling your own emotions whilst running a business, taking care of a baby or family can be overwhelming. Fatigue, lack of sleep or too little “me-time” can take a toll on your health and lead to a sense of not knowing who you are.
Rebalancing your nervous system for relaxation and better sleep, knowing your resources, combined with natural remedies, will help you feel more balanced and calm, which will help you feel more energized!
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Emotional pain and its manifestation in your body

Are experiences of the past and emotions such as anxiety, feeling worthless, lost or not  loved, holding you back from living in the present? Is physical pain dominating your daily life?
I will support you in your journey at your own pace and without ever being judged. I have worked with women from various cultural backgrounds and a large variety of trauma, including abuse, abandonment, violence, birth trauma, and loss.
Treatment of emotions
Emotional pain and its manifestation in your body
<p style="text-align: justify">What is your story?

What is your story?

In Western medicine, gynaecology, fertility, and birth are often practiced with a patriarchic approach, dominated by a lack of trust in the woman’s body, using mainly hormones, and medical interventions.
My approach to women’s health is a little different: I look at her in a holistic way, including what is going on in her current life, her past, but also the story of her mother, and that of the women in her family.
I want to move on

Online Workshops

The Panakaya workshop series was launched to share and spread the knowledge I have gained in my practice for holistic women’s health.
In the clinic, I usually don’t have enough time to explain in great detail how the body works or how to prepare specific natural remedies.
Join us in a fun and loving environment where we share knowledge and inspire each other!
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What you can expect

What you can expect

We will look at your lifestyle, sleep, diet, exercise, emotional stress, your (past) relationships, and those to the people closest to you.

I help women transform their physical and emotional health by doing specific exercises that aim at physical realignment, clearing trauma in the uterus, and rebalancing of the nervous system, combined with natural remedies. You will likely get some homework, too!
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Whom this is for

I only work with people who want to transform their health and live a better life. I don’t work with people who are looking for a quick fix, without changing anything, because I prefer to support those who are open minded, eager to put in the work, and willing to try a truely holistic approach.

If you choose to go on this journey, I promise to walk it with you. It is likely going to be the most empowering thing you will ever do in your life. You will feel empowered to live a life with inner peace, feel connected to yourself, knowing whom you really are, and be the goddess you have always yearned to be! This resonates?
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Whom this is for

My Purpose

Letting go of old, unresolved emotional conflicts with the feminine were key for me to let go of physical pain, guilt, and loss. I wish someone had told me that I didn’t have to live with so much pain, that menstruation was actually sacred, and that being a woman could be so beautiful.

Today, I am healthy and feel strong, beautiful, and powerful as a woman. I am here to support other women in their journey so they can enjoy their life faster!
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My Purpose
What Others Say About Me

What Others Say About Me

“It only took one session for me to feel the emotional release I needed to conceive naturally”
French Mama | Singapore
“I feel like a new person, who is free, and welcome in the world again.” Shelley (43)
“Today, just over 2 months after this treatment, we live […] the happy family life we have always wanted” Julie (43)

Jennifer speaks about trauma & the nervous system