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Golden Milk – Recipe

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Golden Milk – Recipe

Here are my variations for “Golden Milk”: For all ingredients, organic is preferred, especially for the kurkuma.

Dried option:

  • 1/2 tea spoon dried tumeric / kurkuma

  • 1/2 tea spoon dried spices (mixture of cinnamon, clove, cardamom) or a spice mix for masala tea. It should be in total 1/2 tea spoon of spices, not 1/2 tea spoon per spice!
  • a pinch of black pepper (black pepper activates the kurkumin!)
  • 1/2 tea spoon (or less) of coconut oil for the body to absorb it better
  • 1/4 quarter cup of soy | oat | rice milk
  • honey (optional)

Bring one cup of water to boil, add all spices, boil a few minutes, pour into a cup. The water should be reduced enough to be able to add the milk and coconut oil.

I use a tea spoon to keep stiring as I drink the golden milk, otherwise all the kurkuma will be at the bottom of your cup.

Caution: Kurkuma stains! It is also used to colour the monk’s robes orange, thus, be careful!

Tip: I never travel without a small jar (small pesto jars are of perfect size) of the dried mix. If I am travelling and don’t have access to coconut oil I use olive oil, although the flavour is not as nice. The milk is just for flavour.  You can drink “Golden Milk” without milk, but it won’t be as enjoyable. For faster use at home I keep a small batch of ready mixed spices in a small glass jar.

Feel free to experiment with different types of spices to create your own favourite mixture. Just remember you must add black pepper

Fresh Option:

For the fresh option I use fresh kurkuma and ginger. Wash, peel and cut them in thin slices. If it’s young ginger I usually keep the skin on.

Boil with the spices a good 10 – 12 minutes. Strain the tea, then add milk and coconut oil as above. The flavour is beautiful and in my opinion fresh organic tumeric and ginger are amazing as they have strong healing powers.

Caution: Fresh tumeric can really stain your hands | mug | dish towel etc. It should be gone from your hands after about half a day, depending on your skin tone and on how often you wash your hands. I don’t suggest preparing fresh kurkuma before an important meeting. 

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Eisenecker is an ex-banker, German-certified naturopath, and business owner. Knowing how limited time and mind space often are, her recommendations are practical, easy to follow, and as simple as possible. 

Jennifer’s multi-disciplinary approach involves going back to basics, looking at health from a trauma-aware perspective, and achieving health by calming down the nervous system to optimize your body’s innate ability to rebalance itself. She loves herbs and natural remedies.