Holistic Fertility Course

You probably have many questions like: Is it too late for me? Will I ever be able to have a baby?
To answer these questions, you need to know more about your fertility and how to prepare your body for conception. 

If you want to understand and support your body, in a holistic way, to improve your and your partner’s fertility, whether it’s to preserve or boost your fertility or increase your chances of IVF, this course is for you.

Fertility is a complex and dynamic process. Learn more about the factors that affect your fertility and make sure you maximize your chances of getting pregnant.
A little bit of knowledge can make a huge difference. Let’s start by understanding your body and why it needs better nutrition to have a healthy pregnancy and do not forget that there are other things which are equally important as exercise.
Our 4-week program is designed to give you a holistic understanding about the beautiful body that holds your baby. 

Are you struggling to fall pregnant?

Here’s a few things you need to know about the Holistic Fertility Course:
  • You will understand your body and how you can support it in a new and holistic way.
  • You will feel more empowered and more optimistic towards your body knowing that you have made conscious choices and prepared in advance to support the awesome woman that you are.
  • Learn how to naturally regulate your cycle, maximize your chances of conception, prepare you for pregnancy, prevent miscarriage and support a healthy pregnancy
  • Will help your body operate at its optimum and give you a better understanding of your cycle and body.
  • You learn the right behaviours to support your and your partner’s fertility.

This course is right for you, if you want to

  • Are in your 30s and want to find out how to conceive naturally when you get older.
  • Learn how to no longer be anxious about getting pregnant and having the baby you want
  • Learn to listen and respond to your body’s needs, even when they seem insignificant. You will know how to get the most out of your body, which is the key to getting pregnant naturally.
  • Know why your last IVF failed, want to understand why so many people suffer with infertility and most importantly, what to do about it.
  • Fertility will feel less overwhelming, you’ll get better results and you’ll feel in control of your life
  • Cut the confusion and know exactly what to do at every step of your journey to getting pregnant.
  • Understand your menstrual cycle and signs you are fertile
  • Feel more relaxed, confident and at ease with your body
  • Gain control of your fertility. Track. Develop a plan to improve your chances of getting pregnant. If you’re single, put yourself in a position to meet the man who will benefit from all that knowledge and take responsibility for the baby making!
  • Get more sleep and energy, feel less stressed and be happier!
  • Fertility does not have to be stressful and expensive. With guided exercises and an on-line community you’ll be prepared for pregnancy.
  • Feel less alone and supported in your journey. You will be able to get the tips and tools you need to find a doctor, make a plan, work through obstacles, and stay motivated.
  • A safe online community to help you through your struggle and be there for you in the difficult moments
  • Learn how to use traditional remedies and safe, natural herbal and food therapy to balance your fertility hormones
  • Save years of time, money and frustration by applying the knowledge of a holistic fertility specialist
  • The chance to prepare for a holistic approach to becoming pregnant, even when Western medicine has failed you.
  • You’ll be able to work with your body better than you ever imagined and naturally decrease the amount of time it takes to get pregnant
  • You will gain the confidence and knowledge to help you pave the way towards conception while also enjoying a more balanced, healthy lifestyle

Key learning points

  • You will have the education and knowledge to get pregnant naturally and avoid unnecessary expenses, stress and risks associated with IVF.
  • You will be able to REVERSE (and even PREVENT) age related infertility (although we won’t be able to guarantee you a successful pregnancy). 
  • You will learn to use your menstrual cycle to get pregnant naturally and with no medical intervention
  • Learn how to reset your hormones naturally
  • Learn how to stop trying and let your body do the work
  • You will be able to use your menstrual cycle as a diagnostic tool.
  • you’ll learn how to work with your menstrual cycle and transform it into a valuable tool, how to care for your fertility and body holistically, with wisdom and fun. Together, you’ll solve the puzzle of infertility and figure out what went wrong so you can fix it from the inside out.
  • Which herbs and supplements to use to regulate your menstrual cycle, treat endometriosis and improve fertility 
  • Learn how to balance and heal your body naturally, drastically raise egg quality and lower miscarriage rates.


“Highly recommend to ladies looking for natural ways to improve their health, or on a journey of self-discovery”  

“I attended the ‘Celebrating Womanhood Workshop’ earlier this year. 
The 8 week course was really informative – Jennifer and Lisa covered a broad range of topics on women’s health, sharing their wisdom and perspectives on natural wellness, as well as practical tips to reconnect with our bodies. Highly recommend to ladies looking for natural ways to improve their health, or on a journey of self-discovery.” 
Claire | Singapore


 “It only took one session for me to feel the emotional release I needed to conceive naturally”

“I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve with Jennifer’s help.
Our paths crossed at the end of a 10-year challenging fertility journey and it only took one session for me to feel the emotional release I needed to conceive naturally.
Her ability to treat the body bypassing the sometimes foggy mind is a very powerful and efficient tool.
Jennifer is warm, kind and talented and I highly recommend her services.”
M. (French Mama in Singapore)

“It helped me going through the IVF with so much more lightness” 

“I got referred to Jennifer via a friend. Struggling to conceive naturally, we had chosen the path of IVF. Choosing or going through IVF gives hope, though it brought me so many more insecurities and situations beyond my control. Jennifer helped me finding peace with the situation as well letting go of so many fears and the need to control it all.
With the help of her weekly talks and treatment I found an, until till then, very unknown calmness and serenity inside myself. Finding this, it helped me going through the IVF with so much more lightness. 
I highly recommend Jennifer and her services, she is such a kind and loving soul, I am very glad our paths have crossed!” 
Eveline, Singapore / Europe

“Jennifer was able to gently yet strongly peel through layers of trauma and emotional baggage to reveal joy, light, and love.”

Jennifer was able to gently yet strongly peel through layers of trauma and emotional baggage to reveal joy, light and love. Early on in working with Jennifer, I experienced a miscarriage of a very much wanted pregnancy. Jennifer’s sessions helped me heal and find peace in the process. The healing journey with Jennifer was beautiful, and it allowed me to finally see all the light and love that I had previously not seen but was very much already part of my life.
– J, Singaporean, Mother of 2

The Story Behind

Reproductive Health is THE area in our body where a holistic approach always makes sense. A woman’s body simply is different from that of a man and should therefore be looked at and treated differently. The typical approach of Western medicine which tends to just focus on symptoms that are treated with a pill or a medical procedure. 
Surgery and IVF surely have amazing benefits, but they also come with limitations which every woman should understand so she can make an informed decision. Making an informed decision requires that you know about other options and have the knowledge and power to help yourself.
The male approach to gyneacology focuses mainly on hormonal therapy, surgery, IVF, closely monitored pregnancies and managed births which are rarely natural. The number of interventions speak for themselves. Indeed, many women get pregnant thanks to modern reproductive medicine, but how many of these would not have been necessary had she understood her body better? 
We often only hear about the positive results, but so many of my female patients don’t dare to share the burden of yet another miscarriage with their friends who seem to fall pregnant naturally one after the other. The emotional and often also physical price is extremely high, whether it’s from withdrawing from social gatherings, doing one round of egg retrieval after the other or recovering from another miscarriage – often on top of relationship problems, fatigue and a loss of self-confidence in addition to all the struggles that everyday life also brings. 
This is why I have crafted this 4 week course (with total 4 weekly sessions) to share the essence of my knowledge and passion about what I call a holistic approach to fertility. This course is both practical and thought provoking. Expect to hear something different than content that as been chewed over and over again. This is literally what I learned after 4 years of working full-time as a Naturopath supporting hundreds of women, many of them who came with anxiety, desires to have a / another child, often a trauma component. Many of them also had psychosomatic health issues or chronic illness. This course is the essence of what I learned over these 4 years and I want you to have this knowledge to make empowered decisions. 

About Jennifer

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I will take you through this online course where you learn how to change your mindset about your body and fertility.
Jennifer is a German-certified Naturopath and Birth Doula who is a huge fan of a holistic approach to health that included aspects from Western medicine, herbal medicine, trauma work, psychology, osteopathy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Spinning Babies Training, Aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Intuition and the scared feminine.