Holistic Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

This consult is for women who want a holistic, evidence-based approach to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. You are in a very special time in your life where you may feel overwhelmed, confused and scared. Let’s make sure you know your options and how to find solutions in a natural way that work for you and your baby. 
German-Certified Naturopath Jennifer Eisenecker has trained with Childbirth International. She is an advocate for gentle and evidence-based birth to support the emotional and physical wellbeing during your labour and birth of your child.
Jennifer is was a member of the Doulas of Singapore 2018-2021 and supported women during the birth of their child as a Birth Doula at Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore in 2020 and 2021.
She has attended training in the “Spinning Babies” method which she combines with my other hands-on bodywork techniques to prepare you for a fearless and confident birth and to relieve pain.
She is also a member of the association “Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health” (USA).
In her trauma work with children and female patients, Jennifer has many times observed the importance of a positive birth experience for both mother and baby. 
Pregnancy and birth can trigger fears from previous emotionally intense experiences, such as sexual violence, a difficult pregnancy or birth. Ideally, Jennifer’s support for you is going to start as early in the pregnancy as possible or whenever you feel the need to start processing old emotions and trauma to prepare for your birth and develop confidence in your abilities and body. Jennifer has a calm, gentle, and reassuring way of interacting with birth clients. She will support you in all your choices without judgement. 
If you want, Jennifer will support you during your birth with a gentle healing touch which may help you feel calm and therefore possibly less pain, firm hip squeezes, or with a rebozo (birth shawl) which may be used to ease pain by taking off some pressure from the belly or help open the pelvis.

This image of a foetal monitor shows (left) the contractions slowing down which is a fairly common side effect after the mother received an epidural for pain management, (middle) Jennifer started applying biodynamic touch to the sacrum of the birthing mother in side-lying position, (right) contractions started to increase significantly (one square = one minute). Permission has been given to share.

Here’s what a client says about Jennifer:

“Jennifer is an amazing naturopath.”

“She helped me so much during my pregnancy when I had severe morning sickness. She helped me get through this difficult time with her sessions and natural remedies. She also helped me (via distant session) once my baby was here and I had reoccurring mastitis. She has so much knowledge when it comes to natural and herbal remedies.
I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take a more natural approach to any health issues.
Thank you so much Jennifer for all your help.”
– Stefanie, mum of 4, Germany

Jennifer practices a trauma-aware approach to support you in feeling empowered without feeling judged.

Jennifer can support you with the following:

  • Emotional Support
  • Physical Support
  • Informational Support
  • Partner Support