Mosquito Repellent

Rose Scent

PANAKAYA Mosquito Repellent has been designed to work in even the toughest tropical conditions. The most prominent feature of our mosquito repellent is its unique rose scent. You might even mistake our rose scented mosquito repellent for parfume! Who doesn’t like the idea of being on a jungle hike, romantic island get-away or garden party with your friends and smell like roses to prevent mosquito bites?
Most mosquito repellents don’t smell great and your kids might not like the idea of having the spray or balm applied to them. Our mosquito repellent has been designed to even please your child’s sensitive nose as it is made from high quality, child-friendly essential oils, making the mosquito spray suitable for children aged 6 and above.
Every 100ml bottle contains 60 drops of pure essential oils of only the highest quality. Due to the high quality and concentration of essential oils used, the PANAKAYA mosquito repellent is very effective and you will probably only need a little to keep insects away from you and your loved ones.
The key ingredients used in this mosquito repellent belong to the rather expensive essential oils. The high concentration of these high quality oils give you the intense rose scent, which mosquitos and other bugs hate, but are a real sensory pleasure for a human nose.
We have done extensive research on essential oil safety to ensure a safe product, which repells mosquitos effectively. Our mosquito repellent contains no alcohol in order to be more gentle to the skin without drying it out. The repellent keeps fresh for 3 months, if stored in a cool place. The essential oils we use contain natural anti-bacterial, and thus preserving, properties. This mosquito repellent is not suitable for pregnant women.
Price: S$25 | 100ml