Holistic Fertility Course


About the Course:

Lose the guessing game and start to take control of your fertility today. This crash course is a holistic approach to understanding and supporting your body in a healthy way so that you can optimize your chances of conceiving– whether it’s to preserve your fertility, boost your fertility naturally or to improve your chances of IVF.

Your Coach:

Jennifer Eisenecker – German-certified Naturopath and founder of Panakaya. She feels passionate about the connection between gynaecology and psychology, loves herbs, and uses her intuition to heal trauma through remote bodywork.


Worried about your fertility? We’ve got you! Holistic Fertility is a 4 week course to help you better understand your body and take an holistic approach to supporting your fertility.

Learn about your fertility

The Holistic Fertility Course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of how your body works, and how to improve your fertility.
Features section:

Better understanding of the body

In this course, you will learn about the functions of the female reproductive system, what factors impact fertility (age is just one factor), and what you can do to support your reproductive health.

A holistic approach to fertility

Stop addressing only one aspect of your health or lifestyle (nutrition or exercise) but take a holistic approach towards it. Get balanced and live a healthy life!

The connection between trauma in the uterus and infertility

Unresolved trauma in the uterus can be passed on from grandmother to mother to yourself. It is also about your own experiences with sexual violence, pregnancy loss and spirit babies. We will be looking at what womb trauma looks like and how to resolve it.
By the end of the course, you will have a much better understanding about your body, how you can support it and hopefully, have developed a much more positive relationship to your body that is characterised by love, respect and understanding. For further information please click here.


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