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Jiao Gu Lan is the Chinese medicinal plant of immortality and longevity. Panakaya’s Jiao Gu Lan is organic and was grown in the wild in a remote area in China’s Hunan province. Only young, potent leaves are hand-picked and then quality tested in Germany to make sure that there are no nasties inside.
Traditionally, Jiao Gu Lan is used for a variety of chronic conditions, to support detoxification and reduce inflammation. The tea can also be used as a face wash to improve skin impurities.

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To prepare this rejuvenating, naturally caffeine-free drink use 1 teaspoon per cup and let infuse 5 minutes. You can use the tea leaves several times.
No studies are known to have been done on safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding, therefore we don’t suggest drinking this tea while being pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use together if taking blood thinners.



“The tea is amazing. I really never thought one tea could do so much for you.”
“The tea is amazing. I feel like a superwoman when I’m having it. Its vibration resonates well with me.”
“Before the usage of jiao gu lan tea, I was having fatigue almost all the time. After drinking the tea, I felt my body being lighter, full of energy and positivity. I recommended it to my mom as well, who is currently facing challenges in lymphatic drainage, and it seems she feel herself being lighter and healthier as well. Even the lumps on her arm, which is as a result of toxins being accumulated, becomes smaller as less painful for her. She is currently purchasing one for herself to lose weight and toxins.
My friends have said that my skin looks cleaner and more glowing too.” – A. Begum


Before and After 1 week of using Jiao Gu Lan Tea

She drinks and applies the used leaves directly on her face by dabbing the wet leaves on her skin like a cotton ball.

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