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Child-friendly mosquito repellent with rose scent made from 100% natural and top quality essential oils which works in even the toughest tropical conditions.

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The PANAKAYA mosquito repellent impresses with its unique rose scent – a real pleasure for the nose which even kids love. Every 100ml bottle contains 60 drops of pure essential oils of only the highest quality.
Due to the high quality and concentration of essential oils used, the PANAKAYA mosquito repellent is very effective and works in even the toughest tropical conditions. You will probably only need a little to keep insects away from you and your loved ones.
We only use some of the highest and purest essential oils available in the market. They are organic whenever possible and come from mainly small scale manufacturers in Europe who can guarantee a consistently high quality.
The selection and high quality of the oils make the PANAKAYA mosquito repellent a child-friendly product, suitable for children aged 6 and above. The age restriction should be seen as guide depending on the development and health of your child.
The PANAKAYA mosquito repellent contains no alcohol in order to be gentler to the skin without drying it out. It comes in a sturdy, brown glass bottle to protect the precious and potent essential oils from UV rays. The repellent keeps fresh for 6 months, if stored correctly in a cool and dark place.
Due to complex health issues some expectant mothers may face, this mosquito repellent is not suitable for pregnant women.


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