100% Natural – No Chemicals, No Mineral Oils, No Fillers, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Preservatives Or Other Nasties 

PANAKAYA  brings together wisdom from naturopathy, medicinal plants and aromatherapy for busy, health-conscious people. PANAKAYA products nourish you with the powerful healing properties of Mother Nature and are 100% natural, chemical-free,  cruelty-free, vegan, effective, safe and suitable for tropical climate conditions.
We believe in creating genuinely good and authentic products that are made from top-quality ingredients from small scale manufacturers. Our skin-friendly products impress with their beautiful scents made from natural ingredients. Every single ingredient has been chosen for a specific reason. 
Essential Oil Products
PANAKAYA products are made with only the highest quality, largely organic, ingredients in line with our holistic philosophy. I have tried and tested many different types of essential oils and only use those that satisfy our high standards and will allow us to stay true to our mission to only offer products that have not been compromised. 
Herbal Blends & Teas
In order to fully benefit from a plant’s powerful properties, you need to go for quality. The herbs we use at Panakaya are sourced in Germany and of pharmacopoeial quality, meaning they follow the strict guidelines and quality standards of the German and European Pharmacopoeia. This means every single batch has been tested for its efficacy and residue of any pesticides, herbicides etc. Therefore, the potency of the herbs cannot be compared to your average tea you get at the supermarket.
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✔ 100% Natural
✔ No chemicals or preservatives
✔ No alcohol (except in hand sanitizer)
✔ Handcrafted in Singapore
✔ Vegan
✔ Premium quality ingredients sourced mainly in Germany
✔ No animal testing
✔ No cutting corners