Remote Sessions

Currently all sessions are conducted online. They work very similarly to in-person sessions. Based on past experience, the results are very much comparable to in-person sessions. Most people will feel something during or after the session which is again comparable to in-person sessions. Nevertheless, how much you feel during the session has no effect on how effective the session was.

How much will I feel?

How much you feel depends largely on how sensitive you are. Highly sensitive people will most likely feel a lot. These are people who in everyday life can easily pick up on how people around them are feeling, tend to avoid crowded places and are very sensitive to chemicals and environmental toxins to just name a few.
Another factor is trauma. People who have experienced a lot of bad things in their life and have not processed it, tend to disconnect from their body to not feel the pain. In psychology this is called “disassociation”. It is a very natural reaction of the body to protect you.
At the beginning of our work together, you may feel nothing at all. Even though you may be keen to move faster, we will move at the speed your body wants to move at. Less is more and way more productive. It depends on you, how safe you feel and how willing you are to look at the ugly things that may come up. It is essential that you feel supported throughout the entire process.

If this is your first ever session with me

If this is your first session, you will have received an intake form when you booked the session. We will talk on Zoom about the situation you currently find yourself in, what you have tried before, what worked, what didn’t. We will also define the priorities (such as improving sleep, anxiety, physical or emotional pain…). I will also ask you about your family’s story. You might wonder what that has to do with your migraine or digestive issues, but since I look at the body from a trauma perspective, this part seems often even more important than the medical history itself.

What happens during a remote bodywork session?

By default, all remote sessions are set as a video call via Zoom. We will have a chat first how you have been and if there are any specific areas you would like to work on such as neck pain, digestive issues, anxiety, heart break…
I will then ask you to find a comfortable position such as lying down on your sofa. I don’t need to see your whole body and you are welcome to move around during the session. It is important that you are comfortable. Some people like to have a blanket, cushions, a cup of tea, glass of water, some incense or essential oils nearby.
I will be sitting cross-legged similar as during meditation and we can continue to talk while I connect with your body. With your permission, I will share with you how I perceive your body, what I feel it might need and want, where for instance the pain is coming from and what you can do to solve it. We can also stay quiet if you prefer to just rest.
For young children, we usually do the session when the child is preferably asleep or does a calm activity. Some adults also prefer to receive the treatment while they are asleep.
During the session, I will connect with your body and your “field”. I will listen what it has to say and most likely will pass you some messages. Typically, I will work on your overall nervous system, the area of pain and the head area.
At the end of the session, we will move back to the screen and debrief the session. In case you fall asleep, I will send you a voice or text message to tell you what I noticed during the session.

What to expect after a remote session

It is good to have a big glass of water after the session to help the body cleanse and let go. Just like after an in-person session, it is possible to feel for instance very relaxed and calm, but it is also possible to feel very tired. In case we worked on emotions or trauma you may have some strange strange dreams, feel angry or sad. These are signs that your body is processing the past.
Some people may even experience a small headache, digestive issues and women may even experience some vaginal discharge if there is a history of sexual abuse. All of this should pass within a couple of hours or within a couple of days. Allow your body to rest as it is working hard on processing the past so you can let past experiences and their associated emotions go. You will be supported during this time should you feel a little overwhelmed.
It may be helpful to keep in mind that your body is perfect and well equipped to handle the letting-go-process. If, for whatever reason, your body is not ready to let go, nothing much will happen. Your body will protect its secrets until it feels it is ready to share them with you. This is possible because I seem to work in a very gentle, loving and supporting manner that aims at making you feel safe and not judged. If I feel resistance to not go closer I will communicate this with you, just like during an in-person session. I regularly work together with psychotherapists and other mental health professionals should more support be required.

Whom this is for

This type of remote sessions seem to work very well whenever we have some kind of involvement of the nervous system, such as feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, pain, digestive and fertility issues and hormonal imbalances. It is a way to support people in reducing the intensity of the emotions, discomfort, pain by calming the nervous system and reducing the “haywire” sensation. I mostly work with women (about 80%), but also with men, children and couples. Many of my patients are therapists and coaches themselves. The sessions are not suitable for people who just look for a quick fix and who are not willing to do any work on themselves.