Talks and Collaborations

At Panakaya, we believe at collaborating with other therapists so you can maximise your sessions with us and get better as fast as possible with the best possible results. Take a look at our video library to get an idea what working with Jennifer is like and what to expect. The videos are full of knowledge and are designed to empower you.

All of the below mentioned  healthy issues can be very well addressed by remote body work as it helps to calm the nervous system which puts your body in the position to actually process things and fully leverage on the other therapies you may concurrently being doing. 

Welcome to starting your journey to holistic physical and emotional health!

The Innate Wisdom of the Feminine with Sarah Manning

Watch my 40 min talk with fertility yoga teacher Sarah Manning on Singapore’s Fertility Platform “Be Natural” about womb trauma and unlocking the innate wisdom of the feminine.

This talk is highly recommended if you struggle with fertility or have experienced pregnancy loss and are trying to conceive again. 

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Trauma in the Uterus with Beata from Energizing Goals

Trauma in the womb is very common as most women have experienced physical, emotional or sexual violence against her.

For the ancient Maya and Chinese, the uterus was the centre of a woman’s health. If the uterus was healthy, the woman was healthy. Personally, I am fascinated by the connection between women’s health and psychology…

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Natural Remedies for Stress and Better Sleep with Beata from Energizing Goals

This talk is for you if you want to know about some strategies to sleep better. Remember, it is essential that you sleep and if you haven’t slept well in a while it really is time to do something about it! 

You body is doing some very important maintenance tasks (think rubbish collection) which it only does when you are asleep! These include detoxing, digestion, immune system, fertility etc. If you don’t sleep it will also mess up your hormones, make you fat and age faster!

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Look After Yourself Holistically with Beata from Energizing Goals

Women often have his problem: We want to be there for everyone and say yes to everything. As spouses, mothers, and business women, we give it all and forget that we need to recharge as well.

Here some ideas on how to deal with the guilt. A must-listen if you are constantly running short of “me-time”!


When we feel very anxious meditation may not work. Focusing on your breath or specific physical exercises can help you reconnect with your body.

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Hand Massage

Try this exercise when you feel stressed and need a break “now”. You can also try this with a DIY hand scrub with 1 tsp olice oil, 1 tsp sugar, 1 drop lavender essential oil. 

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Calming Anxiety

When you feel anxious it may be impossible to meditate. Doing this simple exercise can help calm you down almost instantly. 

Guided Meditation by Jennifer

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation with which you travel within your body. It is usually practised lying down and has been proven to reduce menstrual irregularities (Rani M., Singh U., Gopal G., 2013, Impact of Yoga Nidra on menstrual abnormalities in females of reproductive age).

Another study suggests “it may be useful for enhancing relaxation, facilitating sleep, easing anxiety, and reducing pain (Sharpe E., Tibbitts D., Wolfe B. 2021, Qualitative Impressions of a Yoga Nidra Practice for Insomnia: An exploratory mixed-methods design).

Water Lily Meditation

This guided meditation written by Jennifer brings you to a serene place that is deep inside you. It helps you feel feel less vulnerable and less anxious and will leave you feel calm, safe and protected.

You can do this during the day or to help you fall asleep. 

What has the nervous system to do with unresolved emotional trauma?

What does the drama queen of today have to do with “crying-it-out” as a baby? How does the nervous system work and what is actually effective at calming it down?

This short video is for you if you want to have a better understanding of your body and get some answers to why you feel the way you feel. Again, remote body work sessions can be a highly effective tool to take out the “buzzing” feeling of an over-stimulated nervous system due to chronic stress or unresolved, emotional trauma.