Testimonials for treating animals

Treatment of a dog

“Jenny and I are new neighbours – on occasion we see each other and we say hello. I am mummy to lovely 10+ years cross-bread rescue dog Brownie, who has 3 legs, his 4th hind leg is a stump (due to an operation he had some years ago). As a result of this brownie compensates and has to rely heavily on two of his legs. Two Sunday’s ago, Jennifer who unsolicited came in and layed her hands on Brownie when we happened to catch each other at the front of our flats. Almost immediately I could see Brownie become relaxed at her rhythmic touch, and not long almost dozing off even. I could see the tension (and pain) go away from his shoulders and legs. After 15 mins, of continued massage brownie let out a burp – seeming as if to let out the pain and “negative” built up in his body. Thank you Jenny if not for you it would not have occured to me my Brownie is in pain. I will definitely need you to continue to help him.”
Lisa, Mummy to Brownie (Singapore)