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Entrepreneur Series 1: Worklife Balance


Entrepreneur Series 1: Worklife Balance

Contrary to the common perception of having a flexible and easy-going lifestyle, entrepreneurs are often ultra hard-working. There is no paid annual or sick leave, often no weekend, an ever-growing to-do list, one important task comes after another… 

“After this project I will rest” turns into “I will rest next week”… and before you know it, 6 months have gone by. You sleep less, you eat less healthy, you are tired and close to a burnout. The pressure is still the same, but you feel less energetic.

This is further amplified by the “work-from-home” situation. In most start-ups, money is an issue, and you are likely to live in a small space. Or maybe your co-working space is either closed or working with a mask on is not your thing. 

Perhaps you don’t even have a separate home office and you work out of your living room or you might live in a studio, which means there is absolutely no separation from work and downtime. 

Logically you likely know that without you your business will fail, because there is no one else to do it. You yourself are your most important asset. If your health suffers, your business will suffer as well. Yet it often feels difficult to live it.

  • not able to concentrate 
  • too tired for private life
  • not being able to wind down or enjoy time off
  • not sleeping well anymore
  • using uppers (coffee, energy drinks) and downers (alcohol, medication)
  • you have digestive issues such as burping, farting, reflux due to poor diet
  • headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder, back pain duet to stress and lack of exercise
  • you feel constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked – means your body is telling you need a break
  • Eat in a place separate from your work. Pleeeease don’t eat and work at the same time. 
  • Sit down to eat. Seriously. Do not eat standing. Just don’t. 
  • Drink 2-2.5l of clean mineral water. Use a jug or water bottle. If you don’t like the taste of water, you can infuse it with herbs, slices of orange, lemon or cucumber (use organic if you don’t want your water to taste like chemicals).
  • Pro tip for water: add a few crumbs of a good salt (not table salt) such as Himalaya or sea salt into 1l water to make your own mineral water
  • Eat real food. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Go for fresh (wet) market produce. Learn some quick and easy, but super healthy meals. If you need inspiration, follow me on IG (@panakaya_naturopathy) or facebook (panakaya).

About Jennifer

Jennifer Eisenecker is an ex-banker, German-certified naturopath, and business owner. Knowing how limited time and mind space often are, her recommendations are practical, easy to follow, and as simple as possible. 

Jennifer’s multi-disciplinary approach involves going back to basics, looking at health from a trauma-aware perspective, and achieving health by calming down the nervous system to optimize your body’s innate ability to rebalance itself. She loves herbs and natural remedies.