Since sessions with patients are usually too short to go very deep, Jennifer have created this workshop series to spread her knowledge to more people. She loves sharing the knowledge and experience which she accumulated over all these years working on herself or supporting patients. If there is a specific topic that interests you, but you don’t see it here, please do let us know! Jennifer might be able to create a workshop around that topic. 

Celebrating Womanhood (8-Week Life Zoom Course)

An interactive course designed to share ancient and modern knowledge about women’s reproductive health in a safe, women-only space. A masculine approach to women’s bodies is NOT working, evidenced by the plethora of reproductive issues.
The Panakaya workshops are conducted in a fun and nurturing environment where we share knowledge and inspire each other! Come join us! 
🌱 “How to thrive as a highly sensitive person  – Aligning your need for quiet down time with a career, social and family life. Highly recommended for empaths who would like to learn how to embrace their gift.
🌱 “Worklife Balance for Entrepreneurs” – A practical workshop for entrepreneurs and professionals who work from home and want to have a thriving business AND a fulfilling personal life”
🌱 “Kitchen Cosmetics” – Learn how to make natural deodorant, toothpaste, body scrubs, body oil, hair mask and more!
🌱 “Natural Fertility” – Find out how your body really works and how to boost fertility naturally!
🌱 “Basics in Aromatherapy” – Learn how to safely use essential oils like a Naturopath!
🌱 “Foundation of Health” – Get a clear roadmap to your journey of health! No dieting or counting of calories!
🌱 “The Nervous System” – Understand why your body does what it does, and how it is trying to protect you!
🌱 “Green Household & Cleaning Products” – Finally cleaning will be fund and non-toxic!
🌱 “Relationship Patterns from an energetic perspective” – Find out what your past relationships say about you. This is particularly interesting for people who find themselves in relationship patterns.