List of Workshops

The Panakaya workshops are conducted in a fun and nurturing environment where we share knowledge and inspire each other! Come join us! 
🌱 “How to thrive as a highly sensitive person  – Aligning your need for quiet down time with a career, social and family life. Highly recommended for empaths who would like to learn how to embrace their gift.
🌱 “Worklife Balance for Entrepreneurs” – A practical workshop for entrepreneurs and professionals who work from home and want to have a thriving business AND a fulfilling personal life”
🌱 “Kitchen Cosmetics” – Learn how to make natural deodorant, toothpaste, body scrubs, body oil, hair mask and more!
🌱 “Natural Fertility” – Find out how your body really works and how to boost fertility naturally!
🌱 “Basics in Aromatherapy” – Learn how to safely use essential oils like a Naturopath!
🌱 “Foundation of Health” – Get a clear roadmap to your journey of health! No dieting or counting of calories!
🌱 “The Nervous System” – Understand why your body does what it does, and how it is trying to protect you!
🌱 “Green Household & Cleaning Products” – Finally cleaning will be fund and non-toxic!
🌱 “Relationship Patterns from an energetic perspective” – Find out what your past relationships say about you. This is particularly interesting for people who find themselves in relationship patterns.