Couples, Children & Families

I regularly treat children and families, mainly where a strong emotional component is present. I also work with special needs children such as autism spectrum disorder. 
If one person gets better, often the entire family will benefit from better communication and relationships, less tension and arguments, often better sleep and a more harmonious family system.
  • anxiety & fear
  • sleep problems
  • divorce
  • separation / loss of a loved one
  • special needs

“Today, just over 2 months after this treatment, we live […] the happy family life we have always wanted”

English translation:
“As our family life was difficult, tense, and often unpleasant especially because of the behavior and emotions of our older daughter and the reactions they caused us, we asked Jennifer to help us.
Each of the family members (our three daughters and both parents) received a treatment from Jennifer.
Following this, the family atmosphere gradually changed. Today, just over two months after this treatment, we live a much more harmonious and happy family life, the one we have always wanted. Thank you Jennifer!”
Julie M. (43 years) Spain