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Emotional Wellbeing

Has the confinement left an unhealthy mark on me…

Everyone deals with extreme stress in a different way. There is no right or wrong. During the “circuit breaker” period I have seen that those people who have a steady job/cashflow or could move in with family members to save costs tend to enjoy the confinement more than the average person. Same goes for business owners or freelancers who managed to fully jump on their online business and took that to the next level. Well done!  Read more “Has the confinement left an unhealthy mark on me or a loved one?”

Emotional Wellbeing

A Woman’s Emotional Roots

Have you ever wondered what made you the person you are today or what influence your family’s story had on your life story? Our view on the world as grown-ups is not just defined by what we experienced as children or young adults, but also what happened before we were even born.

It matters what happened to our mothers while they were pregnant with us, how they perceived their pregnancy, and what emotions they felt. If a traumatised body experiences the sensation of feeling calm and safe, the body can find again its balance and deep healing can occur.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Living In (Self-) Isolation

Covid-19 has been affecting our everyday life over the past weeks and months. Many of us have been experiencing self-isolation or have a loved one who is currently going through it. Coming from a naturopath’s and psychological perspective, I am sharing some inspiration and own experimental advice on how to deal with the anxiety, poor sleep, and tension. Read more “Living In (Self-) Isolation”

panakaya naturophaty Emotional Wellbeing

More Success At Work Through Processing Your Emotional Past

Trying to “manage” emotions is difficult for most of us. Why? Because emotions want to be felt and processed, not ignored. At work our emotions get triggered when our buttons are pushed. If we try to control or manage them, they easily turn into a toxic “something” that  develops a life by its own.  Emotions want to be looked at. They want to be felt – even though they are unpleasant! Here some background information about what is going on and why some people or situations might trigger you.

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panakaya naturophaty Emotional Wellbeing

Better Relationships & More Happiness Through Self-Love

Self-love is fundamental in developing good health – both physically and mentally. How we feel is impacted by many aspects, not just our physical health, but more importantly, how we feel about ourselves. You can be in great, physically beautiful shape, but still feel ugly, lonely, and miserable.

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