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Emotional Wellbeing

How trauma in a woman’s uterus can impact her…

Unresolved trauma in the uterus can be a major, yet often overlooked aspect in a woman’s life, and may show as physical discomfort or emotional pain. My experience as a naturopath specialized in trauma, women’s and reproductive health, trauma-aware bodyworker, and birth doula (in training) has often shown me that a combination of the following may be present: somatized trauma (meaning emotional trauma that is stored in the physical body) which may show as digestive and gynecological problems, infertility, feeling numb or unexplained nerve pain, exposure to chronic stress and lack of nourishing resources, unhealthy sexual relationships, anxiety, generally not feeling worthy or good as a woman.

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Emotional Wellbeing

A Woman’s Emotional Roots

Have you ever wondered what made you the person you are today or what influence your family’s story had on your life story? Our view on the world as grown-ups is not just defined by what we experienced as children or young adults, but also what happened before we were even born.

It matters what happened to our mothers while they were pregnant with us, how they perceived their pregnancy, and what emotions they felt. If a traumatised body experiences the sensation of feeling calm and safe, the body can find again its balance and deep healing can occur.

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