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Tamarind removes fluoride deposits from bones, research says

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Tamarind removes fluoride deposits from bones, research says

A study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that tamarind can remove risky deposits of fluorides from your bones.

The study investigates the potential abilities of tamarind in reducing the elevated levels of fluorides and increasing their excretion through urine.

Tamarind is a fruit of an evergreen, tropical tree i.e. native to Africa. It is now found in places like Mexico, Australia, and South Asia. Tamarind is a pod-like fruit that grows brown and juicy as it matures. It is initially green and sour but develops a sweet-and-sour pulp with time.

Tamarind is a popular ingredient in most of the Asian dishes. The plentiful benefits offered by tamarind present it as a popular folk remedy as well.

The researchers asked the participants of the respective study to consume a third of an ounce of the tamarind for around 18 days. The participants were mainly boys. The researchers noted a significant enhancement in the urinary excretion of fluoride in boys.

In another study, the boys were given tamarind to eat for three weeks. They exhibited an additional fluoride excretion compared to a control group.

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